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Bringing Smart Innovations to Your Life

A Home That Senses Your Mood…

Feel like partying at home? Or, just watching a movie? Adjust the light colours to match your mood and create the perfect ambience for any occasion. Additionally, you could schedule the intensity and colour of the lighting to go with your daily routine – turning off while you sleep and switching on just as you wake up.

A Living Space That’s 100% Secure…

Be notified by instant alerts when a disaster strikes, saving the lives of your near and dear ones. What’s more? Automatically initiate corrective measures like triggering an alarm, disabling all locks etc.

Where Comfort Exceeds Expectations…

Bye-bye switchboards and remotes. Stretch out on the couch as you comfortably operate your home appliances through your smartphone or even with your voice. Thanks to Google Assistant and Alexa!

Convenience – Nothing Like You’ve Experienced Before!

An air cooling system that can be automatically switched on and off, and manages cooling as per ambient temperature takes convenience to the next level.

And, Rest Assured, You’ll Have A Good Night’s Sleep.

Cameras, motion sensors, door/window locks and alarms ensure no one enters or leaves your premises without your knowledge, even while you’re away from home. Zero chances of thefts, break-ins, trespassing or intrusion.