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Security Automation

Bringing Smart IoT Innovations to Your Life

With Security Automation range of Livwize, You can lock/unlock your home from anywhere in the world by installing our Smart Lock, monitor movement in and around your home with our Motion Sensor, gas leaks using Gas Leakage Detector, smokes using Smoke Detector and get the notification on your Livwize App to take appropriate action.

Smart Door Lock

Livwize provides an affordable Smart Door Lock which is IoT based wireless lock which helps lock or unlock your home from anywhere in the world from your smartphone using livwize app. Also comes in bio-metric variant which supports unlock by fingerprint, touch keypad passcode and mechanical key. Now give temporary or one time access to your guests or friends and time-bound access to domestic help between their specified time slots.

smart door lock

Technical Specifications

  • IoT Wireless lock which can be retrofit in any existing door
  • Fingerprint access for a faster access (optional)
  • Passcode touch access - useful for guests
  • Mechanical key input is always available
  • Stainless Steel lock body with premium finish