The curious kids on the block – whose endless ‘whys’ can even have the most patient put up their hands in frustration.
But the bright side is, because we dared to ask questions like:
“Why should luxury be a premium product?”
“Shouldn’t everyone have access to safety solutions?”
“Can technology bring convenience to one and all?”
So on and so forth.

Livwize was born – the ultimate marketplace for affordable automation solutions.As cliché as it might sound, who said you have to pay a hefty price for luxury, convenience, safety and security?
Well, at least, not with us around.


Be the go-to place for affordable real estate automation solutions.

Why US?

Customer Service

Say bye to endless research and comparison on automation solutions! We’ll tell you exactly what suits your requirement and budget.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

When it comes to quality, we’re top notch. And that’s why we guarantee satisfaction without hesitation

One-stop Shop

What can be better than having all the brands and solutions under one roof; giving you the leeway to choose the best from the best.


By ensuring you pay only for the stack of solutions you choose, we give you the cost advantage, at the same time, keep the quality uncompromised.