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IoT based Smart lighting Solution

The rise of the smart city is a defining moment for the Internet of Things evolution as diverse technologies are getting amalgamated into large-scale, multi-layered solutions for the benefit of entire nations. Smart city solutions powered by the Livwize IoT platform integrated with smart meters, sensors, and device gateways can be used for real-time monitoring of local and city-wide electrical power distribution, consumption of water, gas emissions, traffic load, and other city vitals. At the same time, IoT-enabled public transportation, waste disposal, and public safety solutions could set a new standard of comfortable urban living.

Livwize offers a variety of out-of-the-box IoT features for smart water management, connected waste containers, smart street lights, and smart buildings.

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Smart City Lighting

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Smart Public Safety Systems

A modern city engineering infrastructure will become increasingly retrofitted with embedded technology and IoT connectivity to enable its real-time monitoring of city resources such as electricity, water, transportation, public services and emergency staff. Livwize IoT Platform achieves secure and reliable real-time interoperability between different infrastructure systems, devices, and sensors thus making a comprehensive smart city management system.

IoT technologies are the best way to build smart systems for public transportation and traffic management solutions that automatically respond to road congestions, accidents and emergencies by adapting traffic light patterns and managing digital signs. With Livwize IoT solution platform, it is easy to create an end-to-end IoT traffic management solution that would also allow citizens to monitor all aspects of the city road situation from their smartphones in real time.

Smart buildings are important for a sustainable, energy-saving strategy of the city and a dynamic business life. Livwize can offer a stack of IoT systems that can be easily implemented for smart building solutions of any kind with connected sensors and HVAC equipment to personalized IoT-equipped workplaces.

The smart cities of the future will not only be efficient but also empower their citizens with simple access to modern technology and IoT innovations. With smartphone-based IoT solutions, city people can be always informed about latest city events, crowd zones, estimated waiting time at public service facilities and traffic situation. Also, Livwize can be effectively utilized for on-street smart solutions such as smart advertisement boards, security cameras, parking spots etc.

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