Smart Water Management using IoT

Water is an essential source for life. Rapid growth in urbanization, population and growing economy with evolving technology has led to a major crisis and must be protected in all forms.

Wize Waterbot embraces the IoT technology and offers features like water level monitoring, water flow control, real time monitoring, checking for leakage or wastage of water in households, farming and industries. Waterbot is a smart solution for water management and is a product of Livwize Smart Solutions. It uses ultrasonic technology, which are basically sensor based. It sends pulses from one sensor to another that helps the device to measure the rate of water flow, analyze leaks and stop the leaks.

Unique Features

Real time Water Level Monitoring

Automatic Pump Motor ON/OFF based on Water Level

Over Flow and Leakage Control

Automatic Water Flow Control


Pump Motor ON/OFF using server

Water Leakage Alert System

Water Usage Statistics

Flow Measurement System (at Individual level)

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