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Control Your Home From Anywhere in the World.

Livwize provides affordable Home Automation Solutions, Smart Home Devices, Smart Lighting and Security Solutions in India. We make Smart Homes, Smart Offices and other intelligent infrastructures an accessible dream for millions.


Automate your tasks easily by scheduling your appliances to operate on their own. Never ever forget a thing now.


Smartphone gives you greater control in your life. Use it to control your home from anywhere in the world.


We have smart technical guys with us who are available to handle your queries and assist you in using our products.


Instant notifications, surveillance cameras, and motion sensors safeguard your loved ones against thefts and natural calamities.


Schedule tasks and automate regular home processes while you focus on more important things.


Adaptive lighting, sound and temperature let you transform the environment to suit your liking.


By delivering the best solution – across brands, types and features – tailor-made for your requirement, We ensure you only pay for the stack of solutions that you genuinely want. Nothing more, nothing less.
And all this while ensuring zero quality compromises. Exactly why we do not have to think twice before guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction.


Say bye to endless research and comparison on automation solutions! We’ll tell you exactly what suits your requirement and budget.


When it comes to quality, we’re top notch. And that’s why we guarantee satisfaction without hesitation.


What can be better than having all the solutions under one roof; giving you the leeway to choose the best from the rest.


By ensuring you pay only for the stack of solutions you choose, we give you the cost advantage, at the same time, keep the quality uncompromised.


The Secret of Success

Solutions we genuinely feel are required and have been ignored for long. Its time you seriously think about them now


Ever imagined changing the colour of your lights? Or, scheduling it to switch on and off automatically? It’s about time you do.


We know how much you care about your people. That’s why alarms, sensors and cameras keep intruders at bay.


Busy day at work? Come home to your AC, lights and music system switching ON in just one command.


Temperature monitoring that sets to optimum cooling, so you’re never too cold or too hot at any given time. Saves you a ton of hassle, doesn’t it?

Livwize – Home Automation Products

Innovative, Intelligent and Cost-Effective 

Smart Plug

The big guy of our lot, and knows how to handle high power appliances of our home, rated to handle upto 3500 W. Can automate AC, Geyser, Water Pump, Room Heater etc.

Power Switch

Brother of our Smart Plug, but equally talented. Useful in the socket-less places like if we have MCB in place of socket for AC and other such situations.

RGB Controller

Beautify your home with this multicolor LED Strip Controller. Make your home look attractive by using it in your drawing room, bedroom, balcony, kitchen etc. Operate straight from your smartphone and mix colors using your imagination. Dim lights or use pre-powered scenes in the app.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

It’s just a matter of secs to turn my AC on when I am few kms away from home. I don’t even worry about turning the AC off as it can be done easily with our scheduling feature.

Poonam Chawla

Marekting Manager, Gurgaon

First of all, It took like 5 minutes to understand the installation of the product. My personal favourite is the Smart Plug that I have installed to control my geyser (water heater). I don’t have to wake up early to turn on the geyser for the kids now and it gets turned off on its own as well.

Savita Gupta

Housewife, Delhi

It’s very convenient that I can automate not just operating the appliances but schedule daily tasks for them. Livwize Smart Solutions has definitely made my life a lot easier

Sarita Surana

Communications, Noida

Let’s just say, We can automate probably…anything!!!


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