livwize smart device launch

Experience Luxury, Comfort, Convenience and Security
Starting at Rs. 25,000.

Control Your Home with Just the Smartphone or Your Voice

Set the Lighting to Go with Your Every Mood.

Keep Track of Invited and Uninvited Guests.

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The one-stop shop for affordable Home Automation Solutions and Smart Home Devices, Livwize makes smart homes, smart offices and other intelligent infrastructures an accessible dream for millions.


By delivering the best solution – across brands, types and features – tailor-made for your requirement, We ensure you only pay for the stack of solutions that you genuinely want. Nothing more, nothing less.
And all this while ensuring zero quality compromises. Exactly why we do not have to think twice before guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction.

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Switch on/off all your home appliances through your smartphone even while you are miles and miles away from home.


Instant notifications, surveillance cameras, and motion sensors safeguard your loved ones against thefts and natural calamities.


Schedule tasks and automate regular home processes while you focus on more important things.


Adaptive lighting, sound and temperature let you transform the environment to suit your liking.


Efficient use of lights and other home appliances reduce energy consumption, cutting utility costs over time.


  • 1Tell us your requirement & budget
  • 2Let us curate the best solution
  • 3Discuss and close deal
  • 4Installation of the products
  • 5You’re ready to roll!


01 Lighting

Ever imagined changing the colour of your lights? Or, scheduling it to switch on and off automatically? It’s about time you do.
Choose from an array of colours.
Set your lights to match every occasion – a party, a romantic dinner, a movie night. Undoubtedly, ambience is key to setting the right mood.
Take advantage of individual settings.
Control the lighting of every room individually. Prep one room for a party with vibrant colours while dimming another for a good night’s sleep. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?
It’s all on your smartphone.
The choice of colours, setting the intensity and the ability to switch lights on and off – everything at the click of a button.
Try automated lighting today.

02 Security

We know how much you care about your people. That’s why alarms, sensors and cameras keep intruders at bay and set in corrective action when nature unleashes its wrath on us.
Instant alerts and notifications.
Be it a security breach, a smoke or rise in water level – instant alerts are sent to your smartphone while alarms are triggered and in turn, corrective measures are set in motion.
Know who’s at your door.
Forget opening doors to unpleasant surprises by not just seeing your visitor but also having a word with them before you are confident enough to let them in.
Unlock the door even when you’re not inside.
Give access to your friends and loved ones by unlocking the door remotely, so no one’s left waiting at your doorstep.
Monitor 24/7.
Trespassers, intruders and thieves – no one can escape the surveillance cameras and motion sensors, so you can holiday or even sleep in peace.

03 Multimedia

Busy day at work? Come home to your A.C, lights and music system switching on in just one command.
Sounds like a dream?
Well, make it a reality with multimedia automation, starting at Rs. 25,000.
Many appliances, one control.
Throw out the individual remotes because now, you can control all your appliances through one single device – your smartphone.
Enjoy the magic of setting schedules.
Bring multiple devices to life at pre-scheduled timings, so when you wake up, the blinds open, the lights come on and your coffee starts brewing – all on its own.
Give voice commands.
Use trigger words to get things done. Switching on the T.V to setting reminders – it can’t get any more convenient than this!

04 Temperature

A central cooling system that sets to optimum cooling, so you’re never too cold or too hot at any given time. Saves you a ton of hassle, doesn’t it?
Switch on/off from anywhere, anytime.
Forgot to switch off the A.C before leaving? Want to come back to a cool home? Fret not! The controls are right at your fingertips, on your smartphone.
Self-regulates with climatic changes.
Set your A.C to increase or decrease cooling basis ambient temperature. So the next time the dark clouds set in, your cooling system will automatically decrease cooling to match the drop in temperature.
Save costs.
Smart functioning ensures no wastage of energy, ultimately cutting costs in the long run.
Invest in smart cooling today.

Why Livwize?

Customer ServiceSay bye to endless research and comparison on automation solutions! We’ll tell you exactly what suits your requirement and budget.
Guaranteed SatisfactionWhen it comes to quality, we’re top notch. And that’s why we guarantee satisfaction without hesitation
One-stop ShopWhat can be better than having all the brands and solutions under one roof; giving you the leeway to choose the best from the best.
AFFORDABILITYBy ensuring you pay only for the stack of solutions you choose, we give you the cost advantage, at the same time, keep the quality uncompromised.