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Livwize About Us

Livwize - Your Smart IoT Solutions Company

IoT merges the physical and online worlds and opens up a host of new opportunities and challenges for enterprises, companies, governments and consumers. Livwize presents Internet of Things applications to support smart initiatives like home automation, security automation to industrial IoT that can transform business operations and change people’s lives.

We build smart connected products that harness the power of machine learning and advance analytics to help you become more efficient, providing integrated services to deliver and manage IoT services and solutions. Data can be collected from, practically, any conceivable source. IoT is progressing and Cloud is the platform of choice for the integration of data from machines and IT systems.

We are a leading IoT Solutions Company in India, combining the power of AI and IoT and transforming your work environment which will be both convenient and efficient.

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Easy to use and intelligent system that manages an entire ecosystem without human intervention.


Modules can be implemented as standalone solutions or may be smoothly integrated for an end-to-end experience.


Data collected from devices are stored and analyzed to create visual reports for management process and decision making.


Internet of Things is the big technology revolution, starting with it early can give you a competitive edge over others.

Discover the Never-Ending Solutions With Us

It is predicted that there will be close to $100 Billion connected “things” by 2025. Are you there yet?

Reservoirs Level Monitoring

Transmit and receive water level data to the remote management platform

Intelligent PLC I/O Solution

Automated system allows monitoring and collection of machine data

Smart Water Management

IoT technology offers water level monitoring, water flow control, real time monitoring, checking for leakage or wastage

Smart Metering

Smart metering solution helps consumers to control their energy use

Home and Office Automation

An all round IoT based automation system that provides indoor assistance and access management for corporates

Security Automation

Execute security best practices with our reliable IoT based security solutions

Lighting Automation

IoT based lighting automation solution to help users to control lights

Smart Lighting

Smart City IoT Solutions to empower cities to deliver innovative services
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Our Array of IoT Services

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    Implementation & Analysis

    End-to-end IoT solutions to implement secure platform and business intelligence into your work environment. Get hold of potential useful data to lift your productivity through smart insights.

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    Security & Support

    We ensure the devices are protected with latest security features supported by comprehensive maintenance of IoT infrastructure.

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    Industry Verticals

    Fully customized IoT services for a varied range of industries such as manufacturing, utilities, logistics, services, etc. to leverage the power of smart analytics for in-depth business blueprints and use cases.

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Why Livwize for IoT Solutions?

Livwize is a solid technology platform you can count on.

Integrating IoT Solutions can be a bit tricky, tardy and expensive. At Livwize, we believe our deep technical knowledge and years of research & development experience helps us to create customized & innovative IoT solutions that add value to your business, while ensuring security of your data at all levels. Accompany us on this exciting journey of endless possibilities for businesses.

Case Studies

'Industry Projects we have taken up and solved problems related to their manufacturing processes, innovation and functioning'.

18 Jul

UVC Disinfection System

In these tougher times, We realize the importance of being safe from anything and everything. Covid19 has shaken up the whole world, more importantly for high-class modern age healthcare systems that have been unable to tackle this pandemic till now. With contributing factors and proven studies one such part is UVC light which has been […]

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