About Us


At LIVWIZE, we are passionate about the connectivity of “things”. We put across the value of the top trending technologies that transform the world we live in. We believe that the complexity of data collection, storage and retrieval can be simplified into the IoT. We are committed to the digital transformation and continue to deliver compelling connectivity for IoT world.

“We’re aspiring innovators in technology for the Internet of Things”


We believe that unique solutions built by solving hard technical problems can transform businesses of any medium, and through them the world we live in. We further take up the challenge of making these innovations easy to use and cost-effective, creating an ever-expanding set of possible applications and impact.


Be the go-to place for affordable and innovative automation solutions.

Who Are We Really?

The curious kids on the block – whose endless ‘whys’ can even have the most patient put up their hands in frustration. But the bright side is, because we dared to ask questions like: “Why should luxury be a premium product?” “Shouldn’t everyone have access to safety solutions?” “Can technology bring convenience to one and all?” So on and so forth.

Livwize was born – the ultimate marketplace for affordable automation solutions.As cliché as it might sound, who said you have to pay a hefty price for luxury, convenience, safety and security?

Well, at least, not with us around.