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End-to-End Comprehensive IoT Solution

One-Stop Solution where hardware, software, and connectivity are bundled with the solution.

Remote Flow Control

Control water/oil flow via your mobile phone/desktop from anywhere in the world.

Ultrasonic Level Sensor

High Precision level sensor to monitor the flow of the liquid.

Real Time Inventory Indicator

Indicates the real-time stock level on the mobile/desktop dashboards.

IoT-based Water Level Monitoring System

IoT based Water Level Monitoring System for a Smart City Initiative. Reservoir level turns thick and fast in the place where there is a significant amount of rainfall. The on-site checking and recording data on your register seems like a nuisance and quite outdated. Thus, knowing the water levels over network will give you the insights you need to make your operation smooth.
With connecting digital water level and flow indicator to Livwize Industrial Water System via RS485, you can get real-time awareness over network and environmental reporting from the data captured so as to enhance water supply planning and early warning. It can receive the water level data of the water meter and transmit the data to the remote management platform through the network.

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Real-time Field Data

So, this is how it works: We mount the ultrasonic level sensor in your tanks. The sensor senses the distance between the fluid and itself and sends the distance data to a Master/ Gateway. The data is further transmitted to the cloud, where we convert the raw data into meaningful information (fluid quantity in the tanks) and display it on Livwize IoT dashboard. You can access the dashboards to get real-time information and advanced analytics on your mobile phones as well as desktop. You can also define threshold limits for your liquid levels, so whenever the level goes beyond or less than pre-defined limits, you get alerts via app, SMS, and Emails.

Get to know new IoT trends and make a shift!

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